mountain forms

A painting (1926) of Mount Ishbel in Banff National Park by Lawren Harris fetched $9.5M at Heffel Fine Art Auction House. With an 18% buyer’s premium to the auction house, its full price was $11.21M. Mt. Ishbel was named in 1956 after Ishbel MacDonald who was the eldest daughter of Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald of […]

On This Day in Math – August 9 — Pat’sBlog

You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.— Marvin MinskyThe 222nd day of the year; 222 is called a sphenic (Greek for wedge) number. They have three distinct prime factors. 30= 2x3x5 is the smallest sphenic number. Can you find two consecutive numbers that are both sphenic numbers?More??222 = (3!)3 +… via […]

The Lost Calculus (1637-1670), Tangency and Optimization without Limits

From Pat’s Blog: When I found the whole article, it turned out to be an interesting historical, mathematical journal entry, “The Lost Calculus (1637-1670), Tangency and Optimization without Limits”, by Jeff Suzuki in the MAA Mathematics Magazine, Dec, 2005. In A History of Mathematics, by Cajori, we find that Hudde was the first to […]